2011-09-12 Dallmeier’s world premier – up to 51 megapixels in real time

Panomera is a completely novel HD camera technology. Developed specifically for the all-encompassing video surveillance of expansive areas it outshines all previous solutions. Enormous widths as well as areas with large distances are displayed in a completely new resolution quality, with up to 51 megapixels in real time and at high frame rates of up to 30 fps. Panomera provides a new resolution quality that goes way beyond the capabilities of standard 180°/360° cameras. It redefines the often heard term “high resolution” because the Panomera effect sets in where HD and megapixel cameras reach their limits.


Panomera – Top 10 Highlights

1) Unique Panomera effect

2) Highest detail resolution even at large distances

3) Permanent recording of the entire scene

4) Real time up to 30 fps

5) Scalable resolution

6) Multi-user capability

7) Multicast enabled

8) No moving mechanical parts

9) Easy installation and maintenance

10) Auto object tracking over vast distances


Product video


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