Wireless data transfer

The company suggests for Lithuanian market modern high-quality and well known products in wireless communication systems. Licensed frequencies offer Japanese companies NEC radio relay equipment Pasolink NEO, which have extremely high reliability. Pasolink NEO software is used by the State Border Guard Service in the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon tracking system to organize communications, wireless companies Safaricom needs. Unlicensed frequencies, offering a U.S. company Motorola wireless equipment, capable of exceptional reliability, resistance to interference and very high penetration properties. Motorola offers a wide range of use of wireless communications equipment, starting from point - multipoint low priced with exceptional resistance to interference systems, network radio (MESH) systems, where each terminal equipment, depending on the randomly formed network demand, adjusts repeater communication equipment with remote users and ending list with powerful, up to 300 Mbps, point-to-point connection systems that distinguish by an exceptional ability to work without line of sight between antennas.


Motorola wireless equipment is delivered and successfully works by the State Border Guard Service, Mazeikiu Nafta, SC Lithuanian Radio and Television, General SFE.