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Why us?

We have many years of experience, the necessary knowledge, specialists, and technical resources for the implementation of your tasks

TELEKONTA started its activities in 1994 and gained extensive experience in designing and implementing process management, telecommunications, electrical engineering and security systems of various size, and complexity not only in Lithuania, but also abroad.
Through innovations, we implement complex projects for the implementation of electrical, safety and automation systems for buildings, urban infrastructure, transport, railways, seaports, and other sectors. Our solutions are characterized using the most modern technologies and solutions, integrating advanced systems, equipment and technologies, creating effective and useful solutions tailored to specific needs.


TELEKONTA has assembled a team of creative and experienced experts working in the company's divisions in all major Cities of Lithuania – Vilnius, Klaipėda, Šiauliai and is ready to carry out works and serve objects in any area of Lithuania. The company can be proud of the working qualified experts and engineers, which provides excellent opportunities to increase the company's competitiveness not only in the field of project preparation, contract work, but also in the provision of maintenance services. 


Professional training of employees is very important for the company and is constantly supported. Continuity of training ensures the acquisition of competencies necessary for the company's adaptation to the changing conditions of the time, the use of specific technologies and effective management. Employee learning is an integral factor in the improvement and development of the company. And that learning is driven by the emergence of new technologies, competition, quality assurance, and customer needs.


TELEKONTA can offer its customers complex system solutions of varying complexity, considering all the customer's wishes. Experience in the management of complex projects, technical competence, individualized approach allows us to offer all services from the concept of the project, design, installation to the maintenance of a functioning system and ensuring smooth operation, both during the warranty period and after the warranty period.
Dedication to work, individual approach to the needs of the client, innovative and effective solutions, the desire to strive for improvement and leadership in the market are the main arguments for choosing TELEKONTA as a reliable partner in the development of their business.

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