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Electronic Security

In order to prevent or greatly reduce the risks associated with company personnel, information leakage and loss of property, it is necessary to organize the technical security systems. It is important to realize in order to achieve this purpose, it is necessary to organize consistent and systematic set of activities, including a competent standard risk factor analysing, the specific technical and organizational design, and ekonomicly proved sistems integration.


JSC ”Telekonta "during his many years of working history has gained considerable experience in the implementation of various complexity electronic security systems and can provide you with a comprehensive and professional assistance for your security.



Burglar (or intrusion) alarm is designed to detect unauthorized access to the building or space. Its consists of sensors, control panels and warning signals. The sensors detects intruders a variety of methods, such as window and door monitoring, passive infrared motion sensors, ultrasonic, vibration, electrical or magnetic fields, laser or microwave technology. Sensors can be connected to the control panel with wire or wirelessly. Nowadays security solutions are integrated with each other, that is why often security system is integrated with outdoor perimeter systems, video systems.

Fire security

Fire alarm system helps to avoid fire disaster. A properly designed and fitted with a fire alarm, you can be safe in the event of slightest risk; the system will record and report on the disaster. Compared with other systems, fire alarm system is the most important and it should take care of first because the smallest spark can destroy everything.


Fire alarm system is a contact and convection. Contacts are used in large facilities, factories, where it is necessary to find an exactly place of the fire alarm. Fire protection systems consist of sensitive elements of fire detectors, control systems and control devices. A fire detector reacts in to temperature changes or smoke. Smoke detectors can detect the fire in early stage, only an initial burning or smoldering. Alarm buttons are installed in order to have a possibility to force fire alarm acting (activated by pressing the hand).

Access control

Access control systems

Access control system - the system which is able to controll humans or machines entering into areas or territories. We install access control systems that collect information about incoming and outgoing persons and to ensure unauthorized access to the premises prevention. These systems help ensure employees and visitors to the site control and accounting. Data collected on the basis of various possible regimes helps to organize work effectly, organize personnel management, to control working time and other information. Provide a comprehensive control system will solve the security and discipline issues, and accounting personnel to automate the registration system.

Perimeter security

Perimeter security system is created in order to protect the area from intrusion. This system is usually integrated with the security and video systems. Also, in order to install system, must be done the fallowing factors:

  • Site topography, size, is any interference and what tipe of it;

  • External factors, potential obstacles, misleading factors (fences, trees, shrubs, passers-by, heavy traffic);

  • Electromagnetic interference.

From these events depends the projects of perimeter security:

  •  IR barriers;

  •  Microwave sensors;

  •  Linear system;

  •  Sensory system;

  •  Vibration sensors.


In order to avoid the risk of public buildings in people's lives should be specials evacuation system. It is very important to ensure safe evacuation for people in case of fire. One of the most important tasks of evacuation system is to ensure the security and the ability quickly escapes from unsafe aerea. The system will inform the immediate advertisements, emergency messages - evacuation notices will be heard in every part of the room. More complex systems, the principles apply to areas in which separate zones of allowed traffic by targeting different messages to different directions and thus the distribution of the common people's movements to prevent congestion.


We sell these solutions like Pantura and others.

Intelligent integrated

Consumer demands are growing, but not all systems are friendly to specific customer needs. Specific needs are difficult to integrate into mass production systems are quite complicated, also requires significant investment by the manufactures. With an experienced and qualified professional we are creating specific solutions that are adapted to meet your individual needs or solve specific problem. Many years of experience and international recognition of the creation of unique solutions allows us to say that we are fully capable to offer you a solution in various situations.


JSC Telekonta offers unique security and automation solutions. We can integrate different systems; the software creates a system for the management.

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