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Intelligent Solutions

JSC "Telekonta" is proud of its ability to create value for our customers. Often, the integration of two or more systems into a whole greater gives better result and saves the customer time and money.


Our company specializes in the market by adapting existing systems to specific customer needs, and if the market can’t offer system, we can – create original solutions to meet client expectations.


Modern lighting

UAB Telekonta can offer various street and building lighting control solutions, starting from the simplest autonomous ones, ending with remote control solutions with broadband communication via power lines technologies. In each case, the lighting control solution is selected based on the customer's wishes.

Street lighting management

Street lighting costs make up a large part of municipal costs, so there are relevant solutions to reduce such costs.


Street lighting costs can be reduced by:

  • Reducing electricity consumption;

  • Improving management.

Electricity consumption for street lighting can be reduced:

  • When installing lighting control;

  • By replacing the existing HPS lamps with more energy efficient LED lamps.


Street lighting management can be improved by installing remote control and control systems for lighting networks and replacing existing HPS lamps with long-lasting LED lamps.

Number recognition solutions

UAB "Telekonta", together with partners from England, is the only one offering a unique number recognition system based on megapixel video cameras. Such a method allows the use of only one video camera for all traffic lanes without the fear that the number plates will remain unrecognized by vehicles changing from lane to lane or driving on the side of the road to avoid number plate scanning.

Border surveillance systems

UAB "Telekonta" together with the Israeli company "Elbit" carried out the installation of VSAT surveillance equipment for the Baltic Sea border. This project uses a whole range of data transmission solutions for transmitting data from radars, thermal imagers, security cameras, AIS, RDF signals, VOIP system.

Forest fire monitoring

JSC "Telekonta" with German Company IQ-Wireless introduces automated ground-based forest fire monitoring facilities. Cameras are instalated in towers and are able to fix the fire in big area, send the information into to the central monitoring station. We offer unique technology which allows you to automate the process of tracking forest fires and facilitate the work of operators.

GSM systems

JSC "Telekonta" the first in Lithuania made a projects and implemented a GPS / GSM / GPRS security and logistical arrangements for cars SatTrac (C) and FleetTrac (C), as well as communication tools to allow machines to optimize the cash collection. We are designed and installed on the State Border Guard Service transit train up measures GPS / GSM / GPRS, the Kaliningrad transit program. The first in Lithuania Designed and implemented a GSM / GPRS communications security systems enabling an alarm notification transmitted in real time from any place of the Republic of Lithuania. The system successfully works in  theft case.


All of these measures became possible because of the universal controller produced by TUV-03 which was exhibited at Cebit in Germany.

People counters

Research shows that tracking and controlling the flows of people, you can quickly and effectively improve your business, improve your sales performance and customer service. JSC "Telekonta" specialists can offer a variety of manufacturers and the common systems of the human counters using video surveillance cameras, the complexity of various algorithms and other techniques.

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