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IX B corridor link with Klaipeda port - Klaipeda railway junction


Telekonta UAB successfully finished work on implementation of project “IX B corridor link with Klaipeda port - development of Klaipeda’s railway component, III stage. Reconstruction of Anglines EC.”. Angline EC reconstruction project ordered by Lithuanian Railways, which value was above 21 mil. Lt. (6 mil. Euro), was implemented by consortium partners Elmonta UAB and Telekonta UAB (responsible partner).

In two year was designed and implemented railway signaling, power supply, automatic interlock electric heating, communications, crossings video surveillance, security and fire alarm and fire fire-extinguishing systems in Klaipeda railway station Angline yard.

Major performed work information:

  • Installed 4,1 km of cable ducting;

  • Installed 48 interlocks electric drives;

  • Installed 84 traffic lights and routing pointers;

  • Automated five crossings;

  • Installed two modular transformer stations;

  • Installed uninterrupted power supply system providing independent power supply for railway automation equipment for more than one hour;

  • Installed modern video surveillance system for railway crossings and dangerous areas;

  • Installed automatic electric heating for 57 interlocks.

Project works performed under general FIDIC conditions.

Angline EC reconstruction was supported by EU Structural Funds.


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