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New Video surveillance cameras in Panevezys city


In order to improve security in Panevezys, there were updated for better quality and installed video surveillance system. Currently, there were installed 12 video surveillance cameras in the city. It is possible to monitor all the basic facilities - largest junctions, squares, parks.

The places of the cameras were selected in collaboration with the city police. Modern video cameras were made ​​in Germany, it confirms, that we used reliable and height quality equipment. For the transferring image, would no influence of any weather conditions – instead of wireless, using fiber-optic network. Compared with the old camera, there is much better image brightness, and possibility to attract a remote connection. New facilities were tested by police and they noticed better image quality and appropriate management:

“We are expecting to capture more violation, especially in road rules. But the most important is to prevent the violation with new surveillance system”- shared the opinion Deputy Chiefs of VPK Mindaugas Ambraziūnas and Gintaras Kliauga. The data from VPK confirms that there were fixed 125 violation acts in the city, during seventh month of 2011, with old cameras. Gintaras Šileikis, municipality mayor deputy of Panevezys, believes that it is very important to update the system surveillance regularly. A feasibility study, few years ago, showed that there could be installed about 80 video cameras in Panevezys.


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