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Solutions for Railways

Solutions for railways - one of the priorities of JSC "Telekonta" areas, where we have been working for many years.


Most of the standard solutions used in other industry sectors have their own implementation specifics of railways.


Level crossing systems

JSC “Telekonta” implements RBUET railway crossing systems created and manufactured by PINTSCH BAMAG AG. RBUET system conforms to CENELEC EN 50126 SIL4 specifications. This system is widely used in EU (there is more than 1200 systems implemented in Germany DEUTSCHE  BAHN alone).

System has a modular structure which depends on railway crossing type and is flexible enough to meet many individual customer requirements. RBUET is a vital technology that evolves together with new requirements.

Audible connection

Building sound system (PA) is very popular, but the rail  sound system are different and must be build in its fields - yard, ramp, hill, monitoring points. If smaller stations often has one signalman, which gives audio messages to the station area and the suititable simple solutions like PA, large stations often has three or more operators, each with its own responsibility and served in the station area. Ensure a sound relationship in a station at the same time and keeping strict hierarchy between the operators are able the best products  in the market.


JSC "Telekonta" has experience in implementing complex and international standards in line with the same sound equipment in the largest and most complicated railway stations such as Vaidotai and submerge in the region of Vilnius and Klaipeda Friendship Station, as well as the simpler the equipment in a series of smaller stations.

Optical networks

JSC "Telekonta" has many years of experience in implementing, developing and servicing of optical networks in Lithuania and in other contries - including a railway project.


Fiber ODF panel building, optical fiber measurement and cross-examination would be typical exemples in these areas.

Railroad switch heating

Systems of electric switch heating ensure unimpeachable state of railway switches and safety of train traffic under any weather conditions.

Cutting-edge patented electronic power switches enable to achieve peak energy efficiency and ensure minimal disturbances to power supply network.

Programmable controllers and high precision sensors not only meet existing requirements for this technological process control but also allow to embody any communication topologies and materialize various nonstandard requests of the customer.

Certified standard control systems of industrial type enable to visualize hierarchical systems of unlimited size, compile statistic data of the system operation and ensure the most user-friendly work of the system operators at the stations and control centers in real time.

Reconstruction of stations

Reconstruction of the station for several development plans is a complex task and requires complex decisions inm hole. JSC "Telekonta" is pleased to participate in the complexity and responsibility for the construction because it allows companies to fully reveal accumulated in the design and execution of work experience and further enrich this experience. Company as a prime contractor or subcontractor involved in such stations as the province Vaidotai, Friendship, Carbon reconstruction.


A company employee also participate in most corridors I and IX to the reconstruction of stations for GSM-R and other global projects and is familiar with the works and railways problems.

Railways CCTV

Video surveillance in rail objects - one of the areas where JSC "Telekonta" are working for more than 10 years. Starting with individual video surveillance systems at level crossings company also introduced a comprehensive video surveillance and recording systems for large stations.

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